SO what was your favorite part of the new Return to Linda Vista Hospital episode?

We want to know your thoughts ;)

  1. niallhoranlover86 answered: Went I Saw The Little Girl Ghost
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  3. animalisticandimmature answered: probably when the spirit box said “Chad” his reaction was priceless
  4. clairvoyant-bittch answered: Zak, its always Zak, in every episode, me gusta Zak, lol
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  6. aidanturnr answered: The part where they where at Hollywood blvd. hahah
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  9. aregrettablehullabaloo answered: I loved the faces that my sweet Aaron was making behind Z on the Hwood walk of fame. GIf anyone?? anyone at all??? Please & TY
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  11. retrocandyz answered: Zak and Aaron on Hollywood Blvd. XD
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